The 5 Benefits of Passion for Football in the New Season

The 5 Benefits of Passion for Football in the New Season

Passion is the liveliness and competence which comes from concentrating on what makes you happy. To achieve excellent results in any area of life whatsoever, you must be enthusiastic. You need to love what you do to not only do it but do exceptionally well.

The need for passion is no less critical even in playing football, the most popular field sports worldwide.  Today, football is played by thousands of people, with billions of people watching it on a global scale. With a market size of over 25 billion dollars in Europe alone, football is also a big deal economically. That said, here are five benefits of having a passion for football.

  1. It fuels ball control inside the football field

A football game requires effective control of the ball, which can prove challenging when playing on a slippery field. It is also a problem when you are playing against highly experienced opponents. However, a passion for the sport enables a player to find ways to maneuver through the challenges and control the ball well. The passion for football and proper ball control can act as the perfect recipe for securing wins for the teams. If players know how to keep the ball rolling in their advantage and are passionate about doing it, the team will always win.

  1. Enhanced dribbling skills

Dribbling is one of the most basic yet very essential skills when playing football. Playing football requires a team member to have the ball and prevent opponents from having it. Effective concentration, skill, and tact are paramount to keep the ball going and essentially lead to goal scoring. Having a passion for football makes it easy for players to control and manipulate the ball’s position to their advantage. Statistics show that teams with a high ball possession per match are usually more likely to end up winning a game than their counterparts with fewer possessions.

Dribbling can help a player work for their team to get out of risky situations. For example, a player may be under massive attack from the opposing team players. The player’s ability to dribble can buy time to allow his fellow team members to hurry, join in the attack, save the situation, and keep the ball in the team’s hands. You can dribble the ball to beat the defenders, form new passing angles, and keep possession.

  1. Better precision on shooting the ball

During a match, players pass the ball from one person to another. Eventually, it goes past the goalposts to be considered a score. The passion for football enhances precision, which is necessary to ensure the ball is shot and passed to the right object or players. The more accurately the ball lands to the right players, the closer it gets to its goal post. Shooting gets easy, as does winning possession and scoring goals.

History has shown that goals have been scored and, at times, missed just by minor or large foot adjustments, some even centimeters long. There is proof to show just how essential precision is. Also, not being accurate and precise may end up putting the ball in the opponents’ hands. Such errors might cost the team a whole lot. A strong passion for football, coupled with self-belief and experience, can ensure players precisely shoot the ball each time. That way, the winning advantage stays with the team.

  1. Improved freestyle football

Freestyle in football majorly involves performing drills other than the ball’s normal passing from player to player. It comprises juggling the ball using the feet, knees, head, shoulders, and chest. Freestyling requires the use of skillful moves usually obtained from long hours of practice and experience. It is mostly used to showcase skill and tact individually, although some experienced players incorporate some of these moves during playing. Freestyling enables players to raise touches. It provides borders over the opposition, increases control of the ball, and touches to greater heights. Only a deep football passion can enhance such kind of freestyle that a player possesses.

  1. Psychological boost to pursue the sport actively

Like many other sports, football requires alertness and quick thinking. It is paramount always to be alert to changes in the field and know how to respond to them promptly. Players need to be psychologically aware and make fast decisions on their feet. Knowing how to handle emotions, reactions of our own, and others in the field is also part of this psychological element. Being passionate about the sport equips players with these psychological skills and grit to make rational decisions even under immense pressure. Therefore, for such excellent results, a deep passion for football is a necessity for every player.

Football passion and playing have a wide array of benefits for youngsters ranging from physical, social, and sometimes even economic. It is not uncommon to find numerous football camps open for the playing and training of football. Contrary to the traditional practice of outdoor football playing, a new concept of playing indoor football has been introduced. This new concept is referred to as futsal. Futsal further imposed the notion to the public that, indeed, football is meant for youthful kids.

Most moms and dads worry about the health and well being of their kids.  They need to not only ensure they eat the right things but also have enough physical activity. This worry can be put to rest through a growing passion for football and encouraging children to play football consistently. So, why worry when they can take control and easily find a great football camp for their kids?

Considering the impending global situation regarding Corona Virus, social activities are done with caution. Football, too, has been affected to a large extent. However, doing your practice with other friends is an excellent idea as it improves your general body health and builds passion. Both offer an increased advantage, especially during this period. Besides, regular practice, coupled with the right attitude, is good for the immune system. Still, all hope is not lost as freestyling and futsal beat the disadvantage.

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