The Growth of Football in Kenya, Africa, Europe, and the USA

The Growth of Football in Kenya, Africa, Europe, and the USA.



The growth of football in Africa as a continent has changed shape over the decades. Despite being perceived as the coming force, the success of African football has placed much less effort on the grassroots.

African nations have great football players with incredible physique and power, but breaking into international success as a continent appears to be an overwhelming and challenging goal to achieve.

The hope of Africa reaching international success is marred with a lot of challenges; Greed is among the top vices that pose a threat to the continent reaching its full potential. All the money circulating African football does not return to Africa to help develop the game at the grassroots level.

The other vice slowing down the growth of football in Africa is that some compelling individuals use football as a vehicle for selfish gain. They use positions they have within football to siphon wealth, political influence, and power.

For Africa to gain international recognition, it needs to focus much and invest in the grassroots of the football game. Football has grown into a big business currently, and there is a need to treat it like one too.



The growth and success of football in Europe are attributed to how well the football governing bodies are organized. European countries invest a lot in the game of football, and that is how they can get recognized internationally.

UEFA and its national association focus more on developing and promoting football all over Europe. This has made UEFA grow exponentially, UEFA’s mandate is to strategically and systematically facilitate the growth of European football, maximizing full potential both on and off the pitch.

The program also focuses much on the image of football and that of the governing bodies since negative perceptions do affect the development of the sport and other related business outcomes. The program also aims at helping national associates register more players at the grassroots levels.

The other fact the program aims at is assisting national associations in adopting and developing football through the use of emerging new technology and different platforms in the market.

The function of UEFA Grow is to spearhead the growth of football in Europe. It is achieving this by using research, industry research, and market intelligence to grow the game using strategic planning.

The main benefits that the associations enjoy from UEFA Grow Are Image, participation, engagement, revenues, and other follow-ups available across different domains like strategic planning, communications, insights, brand, and public affairs.



Despite soccer being the most loved sport worldwide, in the US it is a different case. Over the decades’ basketball, baseball, American football, and hockey overshadowed football or soccer. The issue is different now as the love and growth of football are taking shape in the US.

The growth of football in the states can also be associated with the presence of international players in MLS. Despite these players joining Major League Soccer towards the end of their careers, the popularity of US soccer is attributed to their presence.

Fans can watch their favorite football heroes they used to watch on TV playing, especially the European league, play. Players like Wayne Rooney play for DC United.

Sports betting is another contributing factor to the growth of football in the US and around the world. Betting companies like Betway offers impressive odds to subscribers. The betting companies also sponsor big teams in the US and globally.


The Growth of Football in Kenya 

The growth of football in Kenya can be credited to the enormous fan base in the country. Even though Kenya is well known globally for its contribution to sports through its massive talent in the athletics track by winning a myriad of medals, football continues to take center stage in the hearts of most Kenyans.

Almost all media houses in Kenya talk football, people make money airing league matches like the English premier league, not forgetting the frenzy that accompanies the clash between Gor Mahia and A. F. C Leopards, longtime Kenyan rivals in the Kenyan premier league.

Football in Kenya usually cuts through ethnic and class lines. National and International games are aired and as well followed in the newspapers. The world cup’s inferno brings the country to a standstill even though the Kenyan premier league doesn’t match the English premier league in terms of popularity.

Football fans in Kenya can be very passionate at times, especially when it comes to their favorite teams, be it local or foreign. They also show their love and support for the national team when playing essential matches and when the national team is doing well.

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