List of 10 Best Football Coaches in Africa

List of Best Football Coaches in Africa

Ever wondered who makes the top list of the best coaches in Africa for the teams you support? Who are the driving forces behind the great clubs and players that you see every day?

Being a coach responsible for the success of a team is no small feat and these men and women need to be applauded and recognized for the talent they nurture.

African coaches have come a long way in terms of coaching and management skills. The rate of technological advancement in Africa has made it even easier for the coaches to become well known.

The number of great personalities in the sports industry has greatly grown over the years, thanks to the ever-increasing passion and dedication of the coaches.

It is a coach’s dream to have their team compete in international tournaments and championships that put their names on the world map.


Top 10 best coaches in Africa

Rabah Saadane

Currently retired, Rabah Saadane’s career as a football player was suddenly crushed at 27 years old through a car accident.

This Algerian coach is known for being the only coach to lead his team four times to the FIFA world cup. He was the football tactician in the 2-1 defeat of Germany.


Jomo Sono

Sono is a retired player from South Africa who started his career by playing for the Orlando Pirates. He later moved on to the US to play for the New York Cosmos and had the privilege of playing alongside the legendary Pele.

His dribbling skills made him famous in the field and it was not a surprise when he purchased the Highlands Park in the country.

He influenced and encouraged the development of new talents, he ended up being appointed an interim coach for Bafana Bafana. This was after Clive Barker had been sacked which gave him a chance at registering his name among coaches in Africa.

Jomo Sono coached South Africa and they qualified for the 2002 FIFA World Cup even though they never went past the first round. The team, however, was motivated by his spirit and the positive environment he created for his team.


Stephen Keshi

“Big Boss”, as he was famously known, Keshi was responsible for leading the Nigerian team to win the AFCON title in 2013. He had also participated in the FIFA 1994 World cup as a defender with the Super Eagles.

His strength and tough skin are probably the factors that led him to be successful in the management of the Nigerian national team and become one of the best coaches in Africa.

Stephen Keshi died at 55 due to a heart attack but his legacy as being among the best coaches of his time still lived on in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole.


Clive Barker

He started as a manager in the 1970s which earned him the nickname “The Dog”. He led the Bafana Bafana team to the African cup of nations in 1996 which was a reckoning time of the South African community.   


Lucio Antunes

Despite not being a former player, Lucio was able to lead the Cape Verde team to the 2013 cup of nations having asked for leave from his full-time job as an air traffic controller.

Nicknamed the African Mourinho, Lucio boasts an achievement in leading the Cape Verde team to win the Sal Football Championships in the 2015/2016 season.


Gordon Igesund

Gordon is a former footballer, who used to play as a striker in the Ajax Cape Town, including many others in his younger years. He currently heads the highlands park team in South Africa and has had a successful career in leading other teams to championship victories.


Hassan Shehata

Commonly known as “the Emperor” by the Egyptians, Hassan has played a pivotal role in having the Egyptians dominate major competitions in the region.

Having been a forward in the Zamalek football team, his coaching skills and devotion paved a way for him to become a coach in Africa for the Egyptian national team and leading the team to win the African Cup of Nations in 2006, 2008, and 2010.


Mahmoud El-Gohary

Formerly a striker for the Al Ahly in the early 50s, Mahmoud had a successful career before becoming a coach in Africa & managing the Egyptian national team leading them to qualify for the world cup in 1990.

He was instrumental in leading the Jordanian team to the AFC back in 2004 and was able to help the team reach 3rd place in the West Asian Football Federation just before he retired.

He died in 2012, but his inspiration will continue living on in the players he had the pleasure of managing.


Hervé Renard

He is currently the manager of the Saudi Arabia national team. His career spans over a decade with the successful management of various African teams.

He is the only African coach known to have led two different countries to win the African cup of Nations. Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Zambia are among the teams he has worked with as manager and coach. Indeed making him one of the best coaches in Africa.


Michel Dussuyer

He is the current manager of the Benin national team and a former goalkeeper for the Cannes. He has coached other successful teams in the African region like Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Cannes which has earned him a position among the best coaches in Africa.

He was also responsible for taking Guinea up to the quarter-final stages in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.

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